Now and Always

There is so much to talk about. So much that needs to be said, to be shared — but today I want to share some positivity. ❤️

First of all, I want to say that I’m not perfect. As I venture forward on this platform to impact, inform, and connect with you all, I know that I won’t always say the correct thing. I will fudge up, make an ass out of myself, and forever be learning. The Black Lives Matter movement has finally caught the attention of the privileged and ignorant, including myself. It only took a world-wide pandemic and countless black lives taken for us to truly see, but finally, we do. Finally, I do.

So today, I want to shed light on BIPOC influencers that inspire me. By influencers, I mean women with a real message and are making a difference. These ladies are incredibly inspiring and share a clear message through their work. This is by no means a complete list, but these are a few BIPOC women that inspire me by sharing their authentic voice and using their talents to make an impact.

Rachel Cargle

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This community has grown to over a million🌿 I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those who have been sent this way and decided to stay. • My name is Rachel Elizabeth Cargle. I was born & raised in Akron, Ohio. I am a 31 year old black woman. • 🌿I am a writer, lecturer & public academic. This means I do my studying and work independently & outside of any particular university. (I previously attended Columbia University where I swiftly left when I saw the ways black students weren’t protected. I often show up as a visiting lecturer, keynote speaker or workshop facilitator. . 📚 I developed and facilitate a community of self paced online (un)learners called @thegreatunlearn where I curate syllabi to aid in our collective approach to learning outside of the white lens. . 🌻Last year I started @thelovelandfoundation , a non profit that came about from a fundraiser I did in 2018. We now support hundreds of women of color in gaining access to mental health care they deserve, cost free! . 🏡 Early in 2020 I moved from NYC to my hometown of Akron, OH to support in the care of my mother. Along with joy of experiencing “home” as an adult I have gotten the chance to plant some goodness here with a dream come true: a radical bookstore of my own! @elizabethsofakron • Thanks for being part of my world! I use this platform to inform, engage, & amplify. I think there is magic in social medias ability to bring like minded humans together to share our stories & know we are not alone in our fight for goodness. • My work often offers more critical language and a more critical lens to exploring how we exist together in the world. I hope my words can serve as a template for how you engage these issues in your own life’s work. • This space is dedicated to my ancestors, the bold & brilliant black women who have fought hard & long & passionately from the slave fields to the courthouses. I am a continuation of their work, I hope to be their wildest dream come to life. I want the legacy of my work to not just be that of my “family” or “name” but for it simply to be another step toward the whole & joy filled freedom of black women. • The work continues #revolutionnow

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I discovered Rachel, along with other BIPOC influencers when the Black Lives Matter movement finally took the spotlight. Someone shared her course, The Great Unlearn, on their platform, and ever since I have turned to her posts daily for guidance and information. She writes, educates, and lectures on systemic racism, implicit bias, true allyship — pretty much every topic on racism and womanhood through critical discourse and tough-love. She is honest, powerful, and gentle all at once. She opened my eyes to my own ingrained ignorance through one YouTube video. I very much recommend turning to her platform for different ways you can start or continue to educate yourself.

You can support Rachel by heading to her website, sharing her story and lectures, and of course watching them yourself. Head to to take her course where she unteaches the ingrained racism within us from the day we are born, from our history books to our government. From that link you can also donate to her via PayPal to support her work!

Morgan Harper Nichols

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I’ve been following Morgan Harper Nichols for years; I have always connected with her message. She shares wisdom through growth, grief, perspective… basically, her art embodies the human experience. I’ve found immense comfort through her words and have consistently shared her work with friends that I think needed to read them too.

You can support Morgan by heading to her business Instagram @garden24co and buy her work directly from there! She sells prints, mugs, stickers, journals, and more. She even made a 2021 planner! I’m a whore for planners and I can’t wait to use this one.

Tabitha Brown

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Tabitha Brown is a ray of sunshine, even when the world feels its darkest. She is both an actress and vegan food influencer, using humor to deeply connect with her audience. She has a way of giving tough-love while exuding peacefulness, which are two very important qualities we need more of today.

You can support Tabitha by sharing her platform and her message. You can also head to her website and click “services” — there you will find her brand collaborations. When you support the brands she advertises using her code, you are supporting her. Also, check out her recipes. They look AMAZING and her bubbly personality is fun to watch.

Candace Molatore

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I love this girl and her MESSAGE: self-love, body positivity, and inclusivity. Candace Molatore is a self-love advocate, branding consultant, and photographer. Like the rest of these women, she doesn’t need any help boosting her audience and I’m surprised it took me this long to discover her myself.

You can support Candace by sharing her blog, her platform, and her message. You can also support yourself by reading her work because the content she shares is content I needed to read myself. Here’s an article she wrote that I recommend for building confidence, and why it’s equal to building any skill.

Hannah Fallis Bronfman

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Hannah Fallis Bronfman is a lifestyle and wellness blogger, who is also a DJ (how cool??) She shares stories from her own physical and mental health journey along with practical advice you can apply to your own experience. Her article on adrenal gland fatigue was super informative and almost too relevant to what I know I’ve been experiencing in the last few months.

You can support Hannah by ordering her new book Do What Feels Good and sharing her articles with friends and fam. ✨

Minaa B.

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Hey y’all! My name is Minaa and I am a writer and a self-published author. My first book, Rivers Are Coming, debuted in 2016 and it’s a collection of essays and poems on healing from depression and trauma (link in my bio). I am also now the founder of this fresh and new page called The Literary Social. It’s a fiction based book|writing club for avid readers and aspiring authors. ⚪️ The idea for a #bookclub was first conceived in my heart about a year ago. I always knew writing was the career that I wanted for myself, but a lot of people told me I needed to get a big girl job and leave the writing stuff as a hobby. I let those opinions linger over my head for so long and finally, I decided it was time to uproot myself from the options of others that had me trapped and live in my light and walk in my truth. 🌻 Why a fiction based bookclub? The answer to that is also simple, fiction is my top favorite genre, and i’m not into boring myself with books so i won’t be reading or suggesting anything outside of what i love. It’s also because I am currently writing book two, and my new project will be women’s fiction. So here’s my number one tip for all you aspiring fiction writers. If you want to write fiction, you need to immerse yourself in reading fiction. 📖 I created this page to start a community for all of us #booklovers to support and lean on one another because what I know most about being a writer is that it gets lonely. So I want this to be a brave and safe space for us to fellowship with one another and to possibly have some IRL events in the upcoming future. You can also sign up for the newsletter in my bio so you can get monthly writing prompts and stay in the know about all the fun things I have planned for this page. 〰️ Well that’s all I have for y’all. Thanks for journeying with me!

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Minaa is a licensed psychotherapist, social worker, writer, and wellness consultant. She is incredibly wise and ahead of the times, which I connect to immensely. On her business social, she shares countless book recommendations that I’m so looking forward to reading. She’s starting a book club soon that I am WITHOUT A DOUBT joining.

You can support Minaa by literally supporting her! Click this link to be lead to the support page on her website. You can also order her book, Rivers are Coming, which I’m looking forward to reading very soon!

Share! We need to spread love and support for our BIPOC friends now more than ever. My platform has the same message as before: to impact, inform, and connect, now with inclusivity and allyship at the forefront of my content.

I see you, I hear you, and I stand with you now and forever. #revolutionnow