Listen to the Raven

Man, writing the intro to your first blog post is not an easy feat. First impressions make or break you, baby. Should you be super corny with a “welcome to ok today! I’m Leah and this is my blog :P.” Or do you just ignore that it is your first blog post which is a big deal for you and you just start writing about random shit? Yeah, I don’t know. I figured the best segway to introducing you to this platform would be telling you all why I decided to create the dang thing in the first place.

Welp, one morning I was taking a jog. I kept passing this raven sitting on a streetlight, cooing at me. I’m not exaggerating; this raven was cooing at me. Every time I passed. It wasn’t like someone seeing their favorite musician in concert and they’re arguing with their friends over whom they winked at, no ma’am, this was the real deal. I felt targeted. It happened so many times that I was able to take out my phone and record a video to prove it.

Straight targeted. I shared this on my Instagram story thinking it would confuse others like it confused me, then I received a DM from my mentor. He wrote, “if a raven cawed at you, it is a sign telling you that you are holding something back and you should speak your mind.” I was like, that’s cool! Then I got all spiritual and started researching ravens and their meaning. I discovered that when a raven coos at you it is acting as a messenger. There are a few different messages they could be conveying and one of them may be encouraging you to speak up and express yourself. My initial reaction was the same as always: cool!

As it turns out, that same week I was listening to a podcast by Jay Shetty and he was talking about silencing our overthinking and fully taking charge of our ambitions. To summarize, he asks at one point in the podcast what that “thing” is that you’ve been wanting to do and haven’t because you’re scared and/or making excuses. The first thing that came to my mind was starting this blog. It has been years that this has been gnawing at me and I’ve continuously been shoving the idea away. If imposter syndrome had a face, it would have Leah Grosjean written all over it. Well people, I’m going to stop being a little bitch and start doing the things I’m meant to do. I’m going to be posting once a week on the topic of life, food, things, experiences, art, etc. And once I have your lovely eyes on these words I so eloquently put into sentences (like I do right now 👀), then I’m not really an imposter anymore, am I? I’m officially Leah — an acting, dancing, creating, cooking, book-loving, deep-talking blogger.

Amongst the chaos we are experiencing right now, I encourage you to listen to the Raven. Pay attention to the signs the universe is placing in front of you and open your heart to them. Ask yourself what is it that you’ve been wanting to say or share and go do it. We only have one life. I can’t wait to tackle this wild world together.