Breakfast Time

Contrary to popular belief, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It doesn’t matter what time you eat breakfast at; whether it’s 6am or 12pm, the first thing you eat sets you up for the rest of the day. Breakfast literally means breaking your fast and that’s why what you put in your body is so important. ❤️

QUICK FASTING RANT: For those who don’t know, fasting is the term for the amount of time in a 24-hour span that you are not consuming food. It’s become more common for people to practice intermittent fasting — I say if that works for you then good for you! Personally, I choose to eat when I’m hungry. Sometimes that’s at 8am and sometimes it’s at 1pm. Every day is different and that’s why I emphasize how important it is to listen to what your body is needing that day and not forcing yourself to stick to a regimen that is not enjoyable for you. Even so, there is a lot of research behind intermittent fasting and the many benefits behind it; if you’re curious to do your own research, I’ll leave some reliable references after the recipes. 😜

Back to the important stuff. I wanted to share four of my go-to recipes with you guys that are delicious and leave me feeling energized and ready to tackle my day. The recipes include whole, nutrient-dense foods that leave a lot of room for variation.


Ice & blender
1 scoop of your protein of choice (I used Blessed Protein Vanilla Chai)
1/2 Grapefruit
1/2 Banana
1/4-1/2 an apple (optional)
Handful of spinach
Tsp of spirulina (optional but fun)
Dash of ground ginger or a tsp of fresh ginger
Strongly steeped and chilled green tea
Coconut water (interchangeable with regular water)
1. Add ice to the blender (or if using frozen fruit, no ice)
2. Add the dry ingredients in the order listed above (protein, then fruit, etc.)
3. Fill to the top of the ingredients half coconut water and half green tea
4. Blend and enjoy! Top with more chia seeds if you wish <3


1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats
1 scoop of Blessed Protein Strawberry Mylkshake
1 tbsp of ground flaxseed
1 tbsp of chia seeds (a little extra to sprinkle on top)
A big ol’ pinch of sliced almonds
1 tbsp of raw peanut butter or powdered peanut butter (I used powdered)
Fresh strawberries (optional)
Frozen banana (optional but DELICIOUS)
Extra nuts for topping (optional)
Directions (This recipe is my go-to, but you can interchange and substitute all of these ingredients as you wish!)
1. In order of the above-listed ingredients, add all of the ingredients to a mason jar of choice. Fill to the brim with water or nut milk.
2. Let sit overnight in the fridge and enjoy in the AM!
3. I topped this with half of a frozen banana. The frozen banana added a Summer-y feel!
4. Drizzle the peanut butter on top, then the extra nuts & chia seeds!


(Can be made vegan with meatless sausage and no egg.)

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
OPTIONAL SEASONINGS: Smoked paprika, salt, pepper
1 or more eggs, soft boiled
1 Japanese sweet potato
1 Chicken Sausage link
2-4 mini bell peppers
A handful of kale
1/4 cup beans (I used black beans)
1. Turn oven on to 425. Peel & slice your sweet potato into cubes.
TIP: microwave your sweet potato for 3-4 minutes before putting in the oven if you like your potatoes soft & crispy!
2. While you’re waiting for the oven to warm, soft boil your egg; set in a bowl of ice water to let cool for peeling.
3. Once the oven is at 425, place the sweet potato cubes onto a sprayed pan and season to your liking. Place in the oven for 12-15 minutes.
4. Slice your chicken sausage into pieces. Place on a skillet at medium heat and cook through.
5. Once fully cooked, add the sliced peppers and kale to the skillet. Cover and let cook. After 3-ish minutes, add a splash of water to help the pepper and kale soften. Season to your liking.
6. Once chicken and veggies are fully cooked, add the beans to the skillet or heat them up separately. Peel the soft boiled egg if it is cooled.
7. Once your sweet potatoes are nice and crispy, add all of the ingredients to a bowl and voila! Add avocado if you’re feeling spunky.


(Have no fear… it’s delicious)

1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
A heaping handful of spinach
2 eggs
Salt & pepper
Hot sauce (optional)
Directions (This recipe is very flexible… you can interchange/add as you please!)
1. Heat 1 cup of water on a small skillet over high heat. Add 1/2 cup of oats once the water is simmering and bring the heat down to a medium. Salt & pepper to your preference.
2. Add spinach to a separate skillet and wilt over medium heat. You can add the eggs directly to this pan or cook over easy on a separate pan to add on top of the finished product.
3. Mix ingredients together once fully cooked and add some lime and hot sauce! Don’t knock it til you try it.

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